France looks past Google, App…

France looks past Google, Apple for virus contact tracing | Malay Mail

Malay Mail | 2020-05-21 00:34

PARIS, May 21 -- France, which has long been sceptical of the growing power of US tech titans, is seeking to bypass Apple and Google for a smartphone app to help trace people infected with the novel coronavirus. The move, which leaves France relatively isolated in Europe alongside Britain and Norway, reflects differences on how such apps should be structured, who has access to sensitive data and their effectiveness. A number of countries have already deployed "contact tracing" apps on smartphones that track a person's contacts and alert them if need be, generating vital information to help contain outbreaks and slow the spread of the virus as nations ease lockdowns and get back to work. These apps can be based either on a decentralised or centralised architecture. A decentralised architecture keeps the information about whom a person has been in contact with on the smartphone. If t…

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