Madrid's Covid immunity cards plan faces backlash | Malay Mail

Madrid's Covid immunity cards…

Madrid's Covid immunity cards plan faces backlash | Malay Mail

Malay Mail | 2020-07-29 14:38

MADRID, July 29 -- Health experts, citizens' rights groups and lawmakers lined up today to criticise plans by Madrid authorities to give immunity passports to people who test positive for coronavirus antibodies. Dubbed 'Covid cards' by regional government leader Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who wants to introduce them as a pilot project in September, they would identify holders as coronavirus-free, granting them access to high-risk infection zones including gyms, museums and bars. "The key is letting people who are not infectious continue to live a normal life and focusing the precautions on the vulnerable," Ayuso said on Tuesday. "We are asking for the card to be studied so we can identify who cannot infect or be infected right now." However, at a time when countries are struggling to strike a balance between fighting the virus and respecting civil liberties, experts have questioned the scien…

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