Grab readies platform's new safety and security features

Grab readies platform's new s…

Grab readies platform's new safety and security features

BusinessWorld | 2020-11-18 16:20

SINGAPOREAN multinational ride-hailing company Grab Holdings, Inc. is adding new safety and security features to its platform, including gesture-less verification, crash-detection, and unusual-ride termination features, a company official said. Grab Head of Integrity Wui Ngiap Foo said at an online briefing on Thursday that the company intends to introduce the platform's new safety and security features into the Philippine market "as soon as possible." A Grab journey, according to Mr. Foo, has three steps, namely: pre-trip, on-trip, and post-trip. He said Grab has developed safety solutions for each step. For pre-trip, Grab has developed artificial intelligence or AI-powered facial authentication for driver-partners. "Driver-partners must take a real-time selfie before they can go online and receive jobs," Mr. Foo said, adding that a selfie is compared against the driver's registrat…

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