Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) Singapore

Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)

Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)

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24 Nov   -  25 Nov   -  26 Nov


3 days


SGD 3745.00


6974 8949 | 6920 5462



  Ideal For
  • Existing Data Protection Officers
  • Newly appointed Data Protection Officers
  • Personnel (Compliance, HR, IT, Marketing, Legal, Internal Audit) with personal data protection responsibilities
  • Professionals seeking a career in privacy/personal data protection


This course helped me to put everything that I know
about data protection into perspective.


The most comprehensive and hands-on course delivered in the
most interactive manner. It has opened my eyes on how this is
and will be relevant all the way through. Celine and Kevin have
delivered this training seamlessly – it’s easy to understand and engaging.

Sanjay Khiani
Operations Manager

Instructor was able to structure the body of knowledge in a manner that’s
easier to follow & understand, as well as able to frame Privacy Management
(and all jobs to be done) in an applicable & actionable manner.

Michelle Bustamante
Head - Data Protection Strategy (PH)

Excellent pacing of course delivery. I like the way the trainer has
taken the effort to enhance our understanding of new topics.

Amelia Chung
Program Director

Instructor made the course interactive and fun eventhough
there's tons of information to digest.

Course Participant - March 2019

Content was easy to understand and arranged systematically. Very
relevant for persons seeking to implement a practical framework.
Able to deliver content in a very interesting manner. Made it fun
and gave a lot of practical uses/knowledge to help us better
understand the topic.


It was an excellent experience for online training. More than what I expected.
Kudos to Straits! This course is very relevant as I'm preparing for CIPM certification.

Tan Bee Lay

This is the first time I am attending a course like this, so I have
no standard to compare with, I can only say it is more than I expect
and overall it is good. I do think the instructors are experts in what
they teach. What I like best is the summary of all that went on in the
class and all on one two sided page and it helps a great deal in terms
of studies and exam.

Elsa Law

This is definitely a mind boggling workshop that very quickly took me
into the deeper world of data protection/ privacy. This course has also
helped me understand and dive deeper into the context of PDPA and GDPR
and its application where relevant, both practically and operationally.

Naomi Ruth
Compliance Manager

The online training was good. Convenient and comfy to attend class at home.
The online workshop allows me to interact with international participants.
We get to learn about different backgrounds and cultures.


In the online training, Celine is very clear in her explanation and uses a lot of
real scenarios to help us understand the various concepts and framework.
She even comes out with a mind map to help the participants in exam
preparation. The course is very relevant especially the trainers used local and
overseas examples to illustrate various concepts. Thanks so much for the tips
in exam preparation. They are definitely very very useful.

Angela Ng

My first time having online training, glad that is still great. Having a basic
foundation of PDPA helped me to understand the CIPM course. The instructors
were clear and concise and gave us scenarios to help us understand.


Excellent content. Easy to understand as it’s very organized.

Jeffry Contarciego
Technology Operations Manager/COP (PH)

Great information to prepare the role as a DPO.

Allan Goh

Workshop content is very comprehensive and Celine provides added value
with her knowledge in technical aspect of information security and protection.

Cheryl Lim

Good, Comprehensive and worth it. Thanks for all the efforts you guys put in
delivering this course and preparing me with all the information I need.
Thanks again.

Rubkwan C

Very well done. I really appreciate the trainers' efforts. Instructors have great
knowledge in exam and real world knowledge.

David Wang
Assistant Director

Very comprehensive and with practical examples that I can relate
as a Data Privacy Practitioner.

Dello V Gervacio

The CIPM course is very logically structured. I can imagine the concepts
in real world implementation. It is very relevant to my role as a Compliance
Officer for Privacy and the career path I intend to take.

Janice Mata
Compliance Officer for Privacy (PH)

The training course is very comprehensive. It provides adequate aids for
memorizing and recalling extensive amounts of information. The actual cases
and examples help to comprehend the textbook principles.

Mark David P. Martinez
Corporate Legal Counsel (PH)

The CIPM course is very concise and informative. Highly relevant to our organisation
operation privacy compliance. Highly recommended to people interested in privacy
management certification.

Edison S. Kwong
Corporate consultant/DPO (PH)

Workshop is very comprehensive and is combined with real life experiences
of Kevin which provides a holistic view and approach on Data Privacy Management.
It is very relevant to anyone wanting to enhance knowledge on data privacy.

Gino Limcumpao
Senior Associate (PH)

The course is a great to tool to guide/equip DPOs in their journey to building
privacy culture in the organisation.

Gelalyn V. Boquiren

I have attended several trainings, this CIPM workshop presided by Kevin
is the most impressive I've had in terms of knowledge I gained
on a particular discipline.

JoJo Maliksi

Using scenarios for discussion is a good way to reinforce what we have learnt.

Tan K.H.

The workshop is important to reinforce the underlying principles learnt over
the duration of the course, which will help me tremendously when I apply them
into real-life situations.

Poh Chee Yong
Data Protection Officer

The training is very relevant and information-filled. The workshop gives a
step by step guide. I learned the steps that I need to do for my organization's
data privacy program. Given the rise of data privacy awareness in people
and organization, this workshop is a must have for all.

Course Participant - November 2020

It’s applicable because it forms up a very good picture for me. I have been
in banking for many years and exposed to many parts of it but with this class,
I really see the connector.

Course Participant - Jan 2015

The certification will actually help us to come up with new solutions that we
can provide to the customers. And secondly it will also build credibility so that
when a customer talks to us, at least we can tell them that we are certified to do this.

Course Participant - Jan 2015

Very complete and informative. The case studies really help.

Edmund Koh

Content was well presented in terms of not only clarity but how the different
parts of the content are interconnected & the interlinks for a good overall flow!!
The case studies on the 3rd day were most useful to crystallise the principles but
also to show how practical & relevant. Presenters were very knowledgeable and
also very hands-on with their direct experience.
They show expertise in their substance.

Peter Chua

Instructor is very well-versed in delivering the training; made the training
very interesting and fun. Provided many useful notes.

Course Participant - January 2019

Relevant, precise and straight to the core for both theory and practical parts
including role plays & group discussions involved. It was very fun and the
trainers were friendly, proactive and engaging with the participants.

Dez Soh

The workshop content is very relevant and comprehensive in applications.

Course Participant - July 2016

Very enriching. It covers both theory & practical applications.

Koh Lin Yee

Very well done. I really appreciate the trainers' efforts. They had great knowledge
in exam and real world knowledge. Keep up the good job.

David Wang
Associate Director

Very clear teaching and loved that it was more then just learning to pass a test!

Course Participant - August 2019

Very well organised and structured, classified into manageable portions.

Course Participant - March 2019

Noted that a lot of thought and effort has been put to develop the content
and training materials. Trainer delivered the content with a lot of passion
supported by knowledge in the field of Data Privacy & Protection.

Course Participant - January 2019

A very comprehensive training that was well coordinated and planned.
I learnt there is a need to have a data privacy framework, baseline
and metrics as well as audit/monitoring to show progress.

Helen Tiu

It was a wonderful 3-day training with a wealth of information provided in
preparation for the certification exam. It is also good that we have been
provided a mind map to prepare for the exam. That will definitely help me
prepare for it. What I have learnt - CUDS-GAPSR.
These provide already a general context of CIPM. Everything else is details.

Leo Rey Almero
Counsel and DPO

I enjoy online session more than in class session because the course is 3 days long.
Online session allows me to do occasional stretching in the privacy of my home.
I learnt that there are a lot of methods and process to develop privacy management
programme, the acronym given helps a lot.

Jacinta Yeong

It was well planned and content was easy to understand.
CIPM focuses on application of privacy into organisations and
it is very different from other courses which taught about the
theories and the obligations. It allows us to learn how to communicate
to higher management in a language they understand.

Course Participant - September 2020

It was fulfilling and a fun learning experience. Very worth it to have enrolled
to this course and invest. I love how much knowledge I have obtained in this
workshop even if I'm on an online setting. Very relevant especially to my situation
as a Compliance Officer for Privacy (COP) in which I could help our DPO to
implement and test the efficiency of our Privacy Program deployed in
the organization.

Course Participant - November 2020

Very informative and very well presented with constant reference to key concepts.

Paul Seow

The online 3 days CIPM course was very informative and lively with many real
case studies and scenarios for us to relate to our materials. The course outline
via mindmap notes really good!

Course Participant - November 2020

Attending the online CIPM training during this crisis is truly a breather.
While fully delivered online, the training was interactive. I appreciate the most.
Kevin's effort to engage everyone to participate in the discussions.
Also, the sharing of thoughts among attendees adds value to the course.

Course Participant - June 2020

I perused several companies who provide similar workshops. After the
course, I am convinced that I have correctly chosen to enroll with Straits.
The team seems cohesive and works well together in providing the
well-organized and structured workshop. One can tell the effort that
went into the course. Every member of the team from the instructors
to the guest speakers provided valuable inputs. Waimun was also responsive
to my inquiries prior to enrolling in the course which was appreciated.

Angela de Guzman
Business Immigration Manager

I thought the program was well conducted. Very engaging with real-life cases.

Course Participant - September 2020

Very experienced and qualified resource persons. I learnt how I should
operationalize privacy and that it is beyond legal compliance.

Rex Celiz
Legal & Corporate Governance

I felt that the online experience was very good. Almost at good as face to face class.
What was good was the ability to poll feedback and get answers to questions.
The online breakout sessions as well as discussion were also useful.

Course Participant - September 2020

Very good experience. The course was conducted in a very interactive manner
which allowed participants to stay focused and follow the training even if
thousands of kilometres away from the trainer. I now have a better
understanding on the Data Privacy Framework, mostly the Governance part
which is well structured under CIPM. The topics discussed were totally
relevant with the body of knowledge and enables better understanding
on expectations for the exams.

Vikash Lalsing
Director - Ascentrix Consulting Ltd - Mauritius

I have gained very practical and comprehensive knowledge on how to create
a data privacy program for my organisation. Participation and interactions by
the classmates also help to bring the subject matter alive
and not just purely on theory.

Phoebe Chow
Data Protection Officer and Regional Compliance Officer

Fantastic online experience. Very enriching and in depth lively discussion.
One thing I learnt was the GDPR impact. The course was well run and nicely spaced out.
Trainers were very knowledgeable and fantastic in presentation

Louis Tan

It was great. The trainers are very knowledgeable and very accommodating.
Considering that I used to lead privacy compliance projects before and am now
occupying the position of a DPO, the insights they've shared will be very valuable
in my own work. I liked the very practical approach to the course.
It doesn't just prepare you for the exam. It also provides you with practical
guidance on how to apply what you've learned to your own organization.

Roberto Miguel O. Raneses
Data Protection Officer

The training offered many real-life scenarios and invited participants to share
from their varied backgrounds (e.g. information security, legal, compliance etc).
I found it very useful and practical for my learning.

Course Participant - June 2020

Workshop is highly engaging. Trainers are knowledgeable and
participants are enthusiastic.

Andrew Loh

The course, delivery and speakers are great. As a consultant,
this course has taught me to structure the implementation
and management of Data Privacy Program.

Jane Barrido
Managing Director

As an employee involved in an industry handling various
personal data, the workshop has made PRIVACY and SECURITY easier
to understand in every angle.

Marvela Gaffud
Compliance Officer of Privacy

The online experience was overall good. I learnt a lot, particularly privacy by design.
The workshop was well designed with all the tips and approaches and a mind map geared
towards the exam and with trainers, particularly Celine, reminding us which sections are relevant
and giving it extra attention for exam purposes. It was also great to hear the course participants
and trainers who shared their practical experience and that is additional to the exam preparation,
an understanding of how it is like in the real world.

Course Participant - August 2020

The online training was overall very good and well organised. Because I am new
to this area (job not related to data protection), all the information shared in the class
was very helpful. It started from basic to in depth, easy to follow. The trainer’s way of teaching
was very clear and easy to understand.

Course Participant - August 2020

The online training experience was excellent. The energy and interaction was exceptional.
Where did the presenters find that energy for online training? Really exceptional.
The response to some minor technical issues was swift. To quote U2, even better than the real thing.
One thing I learnt was privacy management is multidimensional, dynamic and complex.

Padraig Walsh
Partner, Tanner De Witt

The online experience has been great. I was still able to participate in discussion just like in
a face to face (F2F) session.The APSR guides me the process needed for DPO to do their work
for the what, when, who and how.

Course Participant - September 2020

The course was very informative and provided step to step guidance on privacy management.
Kevin provided a lot of insights and real life case scenarios. It really was very helpful to provide
a better understanding throughout the course. Thank you Kevin!

Angela Ong
Associate Compliance Specialist

The course was well organized and relevant to preparation for the exam.
It was a good experience attending online with a good run through
of the CIPM course material & guideline.

Francis Yeo
Associate Career Coach, e2i

Awesome experience!! It was well administered and all the trainers
coordinated very well. One thing I learnt from the class was how to apply
the concepts of G-A-P-S-R in different scenarios.
The complete session was very interactive.

Course Participant - February 2021

It has been a great experience for me attending this course.
A lot of good information and experience sharing albeit intensive.
I have learnt the basic framework of privacy management i.e. CUDS and GAPSR.

Course Participant - February 2021

Excellent logistics & superb virtual support from the trainers & Wai Mun.
Prompt, customer service oriented. In this age of hybrid learning, trainers not only
must bring with them industry relevance, technical knowledge, teaching experience
but facilitating skills for other like-minded professionals are equally important.
And that sums up the winning formula for this CIPM training course!
Well done, team! Fantastic chemistry amongst the trainer & support team.
Injecting a great sense of humor into an otherwise content-packed course.

Lee Chooi Hur
Director, Compliance

The experience for the online training was smooth overall. One thing I learnt
from the class was about privacy program management. I like the teaching approach
where a lot of info was covered while the emphases were revisited several times to
cement the knowledge. The learning atmosphere was beyond my expectation.
I've become aware of gaps and action items my team has to do. I'm now more
confident in convincing the stakeholders on how to run the data protection program
in my organisation.

Course Participant - February 2021

The online experience is convenient to people working from home like me.
There are really a lot of take away lessons with regards to privacy but I like above all
the " be nice to your colleagues" best. (=. The workshop was relevant, very exciting
and a brain breaker in a good way. Trainers were lively and very informative.
A great team you have. Thank you!

Head, Privacy Incident Management

The online training experience was excellent. Great that we are also able to get
participants from other countries to join as it gives a wider perspective. I learnt
that I need to bear in mind the different applicable laws when looking at cross border
data flows and it is important to rationalise what is relevant. The workshop had a very
thorough explanation of concepts coupled with examples to illustrate these. It gives a
great framework to understand data privacy management and also to take the
IAPP exam. Having 3 instructors in the course helped to provide a great coverage of
the topics as they complement the discussion and delivery of the content.

Voo Chih Yeong

The course was good, very helpful and relevant as I could link it to
my practical work space. I learnt the importance of the privacy and
Privacy Framework to implement in the organization. Kevin and the team
were very helpful and addressed all the concerns and queries I had in the course.

Suman Lama

The online course was very engaging and structured in the delivery of messages.
Often reinforcing the key models etc. One thing I learnt was how to do my Privacy role
with more knowledge and understanding of the requirements to meet our organization's
objectives aka vision and mission.

Adeline Ng
Senior Specialist, Data Privacy

It was very interactive though it was held online. Though I think the offline classes would
be so much better so no work can distract me from the session. One thing I have learnt is
how to implement the rules in our company's operational activities. I have been doing
update sessions for my data privacy KPI and before the training it was quite confusing.
Now that I have done my training, I kinda get the idea how I should fulfill the KPI and
implement the rules in the best possible way. I really love how Kevin explained things
during the sessions. It was very helpful for understanding how to implement the rules
in daily operations activities.

Legal Manager, Aspirasi Indonesia

The instructor was very friendly and gave a lot of helpful information that was actually
usable for the exam and also my BAU (Business As Usual). Kudos to Kevin and the SI team!
One thing I have learnt is the intricacies of GDPR and how to manage compliance to it effectively.
This is a really awesome workshop in which the content is actually relevant.
Not a lot of workshops can do this. Keep up the awesome work Kevin and SI team!


My online experience of the training was very good.The acronyms of CUDS and GAPSR
were awesome as it allowed me to park the items in a logical manner.

Head of Ethics & Privacy