GRC Professional Training (GRCP) | 3-day Course

GRC Professional Training (GRCP)

GRC Professional Training (GRCP)

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27 Sep   -  28 Sep   -  29 Sep


3 days


SGD 3745.00


6974 8949 | 6920 5462


  Ideal For
  • Internal auditors
  • Compliance professionals
  • Governance professionals
  • Risk management professionals
  • GRC professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • IT professionals dealing with GRC
  • Managers responsible for GRC activities
  • Executives and board members


The course content brings various concepts, principles and processes
pertaining to GRC together in an integrated model. The trainer did a
great job in making a heavy and at times, dry topics interesting and clear.

Course participant - January 2016

A fresh and comprehensive view of GRC through the OCEG model.
I like the way it gels the 4 key components - Learn, Align, Perform and Review.

Bert S.

It was a structured workshop. Concepts were explained well. After each
module, recaps were done making it clear for participants. The videos used
were entertaining and meaningful. The SMRT case was excellent. It was close
to home and hence relatable making it easier for participants to internalise
concepts and apply the principles. Very enjoyable and educational!

Course participant - July 2016

I wish I could have done this course much earlier. Performance management
is more holistic than just risk management, audit.

Timothy Soh
Head (Risk Management)

The content has a good framework with a comprehensive checklist,
followed with practical application for business use. It is relevant for
small SMEs as well as listed companies. The instructor made the dry content
interesting and relevant with real case studies, examples and videos.

Robin Pho

The GRC course was more informative than I thought and will definitely
benefit myself and my company. The trainer made the course interesting,
interactive and lively.

Course participant - January 2017
Head of Internal Audit - Listed Company

I am an active user of my company's GRCM system.
Now, I really appreciate the full GRC model/principles.

Rosemary Goh

It was an excellent overall experience. The trainer and the training team
with the GRC tools have made the GRC framework alive, relevant and
easy to learn and apply at the workplace.

Cheong Sui Hunn

It would be great if we could bring our case studies and apply the techniques
immediately. Overall, a good course! Good content from OCEG and
great delivery from Straits! Good job!


Course is a good mix of theory and practical - very applicable for working adults

Eugene Soo
Director IGC

Case studies were very helpful to understand the workshop contents.
The workshop was applicable to my area of PDPA compliance for my organisation.
Kevin and William shared case studies and their experiences which were very useful.

Corrine Teh
Senior Manager

The trainers interacted well with all of the attendees. I had a great time in class
and most importantly picked up very useful action items on how to implement
GRC in my work. The systematic application of Principled Performance taught me
how to get my regular work done effectively.

Course participant - August 2019

Using videos to illustrate the GRCP concept makes it very easy to understand
and relate. The workshop taught me that I can make use of the GRCP framework
to review and monitor bid processes and ensure quality bids are submitted.
The GRCP can be used to ensure business risks are identified and addressed
before submission. The instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable.
They simplify the content to make it relevant to the real life work environment.

Course participant - August 2019

I expected the GRCP course to be very dry but the instructors made the session
very interesting with relevant videos and content that is easy to absorb.
GRC can be fun too!

Course participant - August 2019

Very good materials and case studies used to enhance understanding of
complex terms. The content is very appropriate for any corporate personnel.

Course participant - August 2019

Content was useful and relevant, especially the GRC capability model.
Both Kevin and William have provided real life case studies, videos and
class participation to help us understand abstract concepts. The GRC capability
model is something which we can apply in any organisation where we work
or volunteer in. Both Kevin and William have a wealth of knowledge and
personal experience to share. Their enthusiasm is also infectious. There was
plenty of class participation. We had fun and we learnt a lot.
Straits have a very good team in place.

Course participant - August 2019

It is well-paced and was able to find relevance from real life experiences.
The workshop was able to relate well to my work.
The trainers were articulate and clearly experienced.

Joey Leong
Business Integrity & COO

It was a comprehensive course! Appreciate the thoughts and effort put in
to concise a MBA equivalent course into a 3 days course. One of the things
I learnt was the framework and approach towards operationalizing governance
in day to day operations.

Course participant - October 2020

Effectiveness of training was not impacted by lessons being conducted online.
One thing I learnt from the class is the GRC Capability Model and application.

Chia Yew Kiat
Project Manager, JP Morgan Chase

Despite having the course done online, it was still very interactive and
many sharing. It is just as good as doing the course via face to face.
It was good to see how the GRC capability module all comes together
at the end of the course with the hands on exercise.

Ann Tan Huai Tin
Director, Compliance and Data Protection Officer

Information is comprehensive, instructors mostly knowledgeable and providing
practical and real-life examples. Very relevant to what I do on a day-to-day basis.
Thank you very much for this wonderful workshop. It is an extremely helpful
workshop and I will not hesitate to recommend this to my industry peers and colleagues.

Course participant - October 2020

One of the best courses I have attended.
Extremely good and relatable sharing by fellow professionals.

Nigel Neo

The course was structured and engaging. Relates to my industry and aids
in my conversations with my stakeholders.
Experienced instructors who supplemented with plenty of industry experience.

Course participant - February 2020

A good mix of activities to enhance learning retention and the content
relevant to all work areas.

Course participant - February 2020