Hands-on Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training Singapore

Hands-on Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training (Corporate)

Hands-on Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training (Corporate)

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18 Mar   -  24 Mar   -  08 Apr


3 days


SGD 5348.93


6974 8949 | 6920 5462



  Ideal For
  • Organisations that need to train their Data Protection Officers
  • Organisations setting up their PDPA compliance processes & systems
  • Newly appointed Data Protection Officers unsure of their role
  • Personnel handling personal data such as HR, Sales & Marketing, Compliance, Finance, Internal Auditors, IT


I have always been skeptical about attending workshops, seminars etc.
as most of them are purely superficial where we only get to “scratch the surface”.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the level and nature of participation
– concrete exercise, concrete examples, excellent analysis. The training has
been very inspirational, energising and involves lots of substantial and
in-depth knowledge. It has certainly helped to ease the initial “how and
what to do” thoughts after being selected for the course by my firm. You
have certainly switched my mind into a positive thinking mode for the
DPO role as the course progresses.

Gary Loh
CA (Singapore), FIPAS

This is an excellent course for any DPO and probably the only course
that any DPO needs or should attend. This course is definitely very
useful to me. This is a life-saver course for me, as I started off not knowing
enough on what was needed to be done for my company to be in compliance
for PDPA. After attending this course, I am now confident to be a DPO for
my company and able to prepare my company for this new Act.

Thank you very much.

Lim Yueh Ping

Real-life cases are shared to improve learning and provide insights
to the PDPA principles. Step-by-step guidance is given on the tasks
and preparations required to be compliant for the PDPA. Useful
software system is provided to facilitate the assessment process
and generation of necessary documents such as data inventory
map, data protection plan, information security plan, etc. Advice
and sharing from a group of experts and practitioners


The 3 days course is very fruitful for me and I have learnt and
gained much knowledge on Data Protection matters. I am able
to advise better on data protection enquiries.

Compliance Officer

Interactive and fulfilling, gain more knowledge from the workshop.
Would recommend to others.

Ron Chua

It has indeed been very helpful and provided tremendous support to enhance my
knowledge on compliance towards PDPA now. Prior to attending this course, I have
only been exposed to the 1 day workshop conducted by PDPC. Questions all over
my head and a bit clueless as to where to start, how to start and what to do really.

The material covered was detailed and appreciated the practical information provided.
Of course, instructors were humorous enough and therefore make this subject
interesting and understandable. Please create more awareness on the availability
of this course to help others. Don’t attempt another DPO training without attempting this.

Amily Chua