Hands-on Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training Singapore

Hands-on Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training (Corporate)

Hands-on Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training (Corporate)

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11 Aug   -  19 Aug   -  31 Aug


3 days


SGD 5348.93


6974 8949 | 6920 5462



  Ideal For
  • Organisations that need to strengthen their data protection practices to foster customers’ trust and confidence to use data to maximise business value
  • Organisations setting up their Data Protection Management Programme
  • Train DPO who need to operationalise data protection requirements of PDPA
  • Newly appointed Data Protection Officers or Data Protection Executives unsure of their role
  • Personnel handling personal data such as HR, Sales & Marketing, Compliance, Finance, Internal Auditors, IT


I have always been skeptical about attending workshops, seminars etc.
as most of them are purely superficial where we only get to “scratch the surface”.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the level and nature of participation
– concrete exercise, concrete examples, excellent analysis. The training has
been very inspirational, energising and involves lots of substantial and
in-depth knowledge. It has certainly helped to ease the initial “how and
what to do” thoughts after being selected for the course by my firm. You
have certainly switched my mind into a positive thinking mode for the
DPO role as the course progresses.

Gary Loh
CA (Singapore), FIPAS

This is an excellent course for any DPO and probably the only course
that any DPO needs or should attend. This course is definitely very
useful to me. This is a life-saver course for me, as I started off not knowing
enough on what was needed to be done for my company to be in compliance
for PDPA. After attending this course, I am now confident to be a DPO for
my company and able to prepare my company for this new Act.

Thank you very much.

Lim Yueh Ping

Real-life cases are shared to improve learning and provide insights
to the PDPA principles. Step-by-step guidance is given on the tasks
and preparations required to be compliant for the PDPA. Useful
software system is provided to facilitate the assessment process
and generation of necessary documents such as data inventory
map, data protection plan, information security plan, etc. Advice
and sharing from a group of experts and practitioners.

Course Participant

The 3 days course is very fruitful for me and I have learnt and
gained much knowledge on Data Protection matters. I am able
to advise better on data protection enquiries.

Compliance Officer

Interactive and fulfilling, gain more knowledge from the workshop.
Would recommend to others.

Ron Chua

It has indeed been very helpful and provided tremendous support to enhance my
knowledge on compliance towards PDPA now. Prior to attending this course, I have
only been exposed to the 1 day workshop conducted by PDPC. Questions all over
my head and a bit clueless as to where to start, how to start and what to do really.

The material covered was detailed and appreciated the practical information provided.
Of course, instructors were humorous enough and therefore make this subject
interesting and understandable. Please create more awareness on the availability
of this course to help others. Don’t attempt another DPO training without attempting this.

Amily Chua

It was a very interesting 3 days session. A lot of relevant scenarios were provided
which allow us to simulate as a DPO. Trainers were perfect and I am surprised
there are always 3 trainers around to support the class.

Amas Oh
General Manager

Very detailed and informative. Instructor is very professional and experienced in
the field of PDPA. Interactive sessions and interesting sharings.
Very helpful and accommodating.

Simon Soh
Head of Facilities

Contents are very comprehensive with clear guidance for participants.
Very Supportive of mock investigations. Instructor provided clear and practical tips.

Kyaw Moe Lwin
Nurse Educator

Very organised and comprehensive. Definitely a very important aspect of businesses
yet neglected. Very involved in real life cases, delivered with passion.

Marie Mok

Detailed. Hands-on Data Protection Management System (DPMS) is helpful.
Mock exercise is helpful as well. Very good grasp of this area.

Allan Goh

Very relevant coverage. Topics were very down-to-earth / close to real life.
Very clear, concise & knowledgeable. All good and well organized sessions.
System is brilliant and easy to navigate.

Justin Yong

Great information which provides and guides what organizations should have in place.
It helps organizations to look out for areas of risks/gaps. Instructors are knowledgeable
and helpful to share their experience.

Sumit Kemani

Very intensive & have full coverage of the information.

Ng Jia Yin
IT Officer

I appreciate the amount of research and content done to get this workshop's content done.
Thank you for providing us with the depth of information given.

Ong Man Ru
Assistant Project Manager

Interactive and fulfilling, gain more knowledge from the workshop.
Would recommend to others.

Ron Chua
Acting Division Manager

Very good workshop to start for DPO.

Helen Soh
Assistant Manager

The workshop content is both in-depth and practical with real case examples across
a number of industries. It is very relevant with up-to-date overview of legislation and
recent events/case law. Overall I like the mix between theory and practical,
plus group interaction which makes you think about what you need to
implement within your own organization.

Wayne McLaughlin
Head of Operational Risk

After I left the corporate world, I became a business advisor and management consultant
to SMEs and other organisations. I observe that many employees are careless or ignorant
about sensitive data, they leave documents containing sensitive data on the table or in
unlocked drawers / cabinets when going out for lunch; away for meetings or even
when leaving the office at the end of a workday. Employees sharing computers or passwords
are not uncommon among SMEs. Increasingly, privacy and personal data protection are
becoming important business considerations and enforcement acts are in place. I believe
there will be a growing demand from organisations seeking help in this area. Therefore, I decided
to attend the DPO Hands-On training course to pick up the necessary knowledge so that
I can help my clients set up the right processes and measures to comply with PDPA.

Cindi Ng
Business Advisor & Management Consultant

This is indeed a very comprehensive program to kick start a DP Program in the company.
The team at Straits and their partners have been very helpful and well informed to share
with us and highlight pertinent points in the analysis. The session was interactive with Q&A
as we move along from topic to topics. Many thanks to all the Trainers Josiah, Chris, Lyn and
William and also the team (Cindi, WaiMun) to support and ensure everything runs smoothly.
Many thanks indeed!

Sim Lee Huang
HR Director

Very clear and well run. Good pace and materials. Able to implement knowledge immediately with my own organisation and clients. The instructor was engaging, clear and very experienced,

- Course Participant (Jan 2020)

Workshop was filled with various examples that explains concepts clearly.
Workshop is very relevant to my company. Celine's knowledge of the topic
is very well versed and delivery was very interesting. I managed to stay awake
despite sitting down the whole day! Role play activities were very good.
It made the concepts come to life which makes it relatable and understandable.

Head Facilitator of a fitness centre

A good use of application based content, audio-visual and bringing in a professional
regulator to augment the entire course. Current and up to date with today's Data Protection
obligations. Trainers are knowledgeable and delivered the course in a very engaging way.
The pace was steady and there was never a dull moment in class! :-)
Keep up the good work!

Jonathan Leong
Head of Marketing & Communications

Very good workshop to start for DPO.

Helen Soh
Assistant Manager

Will encourage fellow colleagues to attend as it does not only help to improve
company's practices but also useful for personal knowledge.

Quek Ying Zhen
Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications and Marketing

Overall the course is very insightful for a newly appointed DPO in the organisation.

HR Manager