Managing Performance, Stakeholders, Team Strengths for Data Governance

Managing Performance, Stakeholders, Team Strengths for Data Governance

Managing Performance, Stakeholders, Team Strengths for Data Governance

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30 Sep   -  01 Oct


2 days


SGD 2140.00


6974 8949 | 6920 5462


  Ideal For
  • Head of Departments/functions with GRC roles (audit, risk, compliance)
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Compliance Managers or Personnel with data protection responsibilities
  • Also for personnel handling personal data, eg Finance, Human Resource, Sales and Marketing, IT, Customer Service.


Whilst signing up for more courses for the route of GRC, like Crisis Communications,
Business Continuity Mgmt, 3rd Party Mgmt and now Performance Mgmt, learnt that
there are gaps in my company. After acquiring all this knowledge from the courses
attended, I could now know to manage these gaps better. Also, I am well prepared
now to present to my investor and get a buy-in for any changes or forward objectives
especially OKR methodology that I want to put in place

Participant at Course
Owner of a Private Organisation

I enjoyed the real-life examples that Celine provided. Very relatable to work and
provides a good foundation for redeveloping some of the ideas I have about
setting realistic objectives.

Participant at Course
Jan 2021

Good timing for the exercises and tying to real world scenarios for roles of DPOs
and GRC using these tools for performance management. Great faciliation to
contextualize theory into various functions and industry

Participant at Course
Jan 2021

Good facilitation to pull in rich personal experience and also in consulting experience.
And contextualizing discussions across industry and functions and to make it relevant
to the individual's roles.

Participant at Course
Jan 2021

Very professional, well-articulated, contextualised and informative

Participant at Course
Jan 2021

This course has been very beneficial to me and an eye-opener especially for
us in the military organisation

Participant at Course
Officer from Military Organisation

This course is very interesting and insightful into GRC

Participant at Course
Senior Executive from Banking Organisation

This course is a very practical and interesting course. Most of the time,
we take for granted and lost track of the objective and key results or even
missed it at times but the exercises have helped us and manage our OKR clearly

Senior Executive from the Banking Industry
June 2021

We have learnt a lot in this course and finally know what OKR is all
about. An interesting exercise, the Strengths Finder test that we did
individually and the effectiveness of this Strengthsfinder exercise to
build a team

Executives from the E & E Testing Equipment Industry
June 2021

We have many examples given to us and a lot of hands-on exercises
to help us frame our OKR in this course and has helped us understand
OKR much better

Marketing Executive from the Data Protection Industry
June 2021

This course has taught us a systematic way to align from top to bottom to achieve our objective and key results

Consultant in a Private Organisation
June 2021