Policy and Third Party Management of Data

Policy and Third Party Management of Data

Policy and Third Party Management of Data

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21 Oct   -  22 Oct


2 days


SGD 2140.00


6974 8949 | 6920 5462



  Ideal For
  • Head of Departments/functions with GRC roles (audit, risk, compliance)
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Compliance Managers or Personnel with data protection responsibilities
  • Also for personnel handling personal data, eg Finance, Human Resource, Sales and Marketing, IT, Customer Service.


The information provided in this course is an eye opener, especially
what to look out for in contracts, which is applicable to my job. The
hands-on activity and exercises were very fun and put “to life” what
we have learnt in theory and easily understood or relatable

Participant at Course (from Investment Industry)
May 2021

I have learnt a lot from this 3rd Party Management course, especially
on the hands-on exercise to procure on an ecommerce platform, what
to look out for and all the due diligence to be done on 3rd parties. This
is very relevant to my work and now I can confidently manage 3rd parties

Participant at Course (from Electrical and Electronic Industry)
May 2021

Data Privacy and Governance are very new and hot topics currently,
I am very interested to learn more about these topics. This is a very
good course and the hands-on exercises are very useful to put together
the whole course concepts

Participant at Course (from Education Industry)
May 2021

This course gave us a structured framework so that we can see a clearer
picture of 3rd Party Management and ensure that there are no gaps in our
management of 3rd parties, even though it seemed to be a lot of common
sense in practising it

Participant at Course (from Call Centre Industry)
May 2021

There is a lot to learn in this course, just like after the GRC Hands On course,
and the knowledge attained in these courses has helped me in my career

Participant at Course (Engineering Services)
May 2021

This course is very useful by putting a framework and putting all the bone
& meat into all the little pieces of knowledge I had on 3rd Party.

Participant at Course (from Education Industry)
May 2021

The course gave a good framework overall view of Third Party Management which
is very rarely available. The legal/contractual aspects are more theoretical but good
references material provided. Great job.

Participant at Course
Dec 2020

A bit stressful but a better than expected course. Exceeded my expectations.
Kudos to the 3 trainers!

Participant at Course
Dec 2020

Good efforts to make concepts turn to life through hands-on activities, excellent
link between the two.

Participant at Course
Dec 2020

Good content, applicable useful and clear in day to day work

Participant at Course
Dec 2020