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Welcome, DPEX Network Members!

The beta trial of the world`s first AI DPO Assistant on the Capabara platform has ended.

Heartfelt thanks to those who registered and trialed the platform - your support and feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and refine the features and usability of the AI DPO Assistant.

The AI DPO Assistant is designed to answer privacy-related queries with relevant and timely answers drawn from the Capabara Knowledge System, which is grounded in a research knowledge base of data protection law, regulations and advisory insights. It aims to help DPOs to:

  • Get quick and relevant answers to your privacy-related questions with the AI DPO Assistant (Singapore) which has been trained on authoritative sources
  • Boost accountability and operational compliance by augmenting your knowledge and experience with AI-powered answers and experience with AI-powered answers
  • Be assured that your conversations will not be used to train the AI model

For those who didn`t get the chance to sign up for this round of beta, we invite you to stay tuned. We will be releasing more exciting updates on the AI DPO Assistant on the Capabara platform in the coming months.