Digital platforms ramp up security to tackle 'social engineering', fraud

Digital platforms ramp up sec…

Digital platforms ramp up security to tackle 'social engineering', fraud

The Jakarta Post | 2020-10-02 04:42

Digital platforms are fortifying security measures to prevent so-called social engineering threats and other online fraud, as more and more people go online to spend money and do business during the pandemic. Gojek's vice president of information security, Hana Abriyansyah, said the ride-hailing giant had launched #AmanBersamaGoJek (#SafeWithGoJek), a program that educates its users, merchants and drivers on best practices in digital security, as well as developing security technologies. Technologies touted in the initiative include biometric authentication, face verification and number masking, among a slew of other features. "Gojek is keen on contributing to increasing digital literacy so that people themselves can avoid being psychologically manipulated through social engineering," Hana said in a webinar on Wednesday. In the context of information security, social engineering is …

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