IT, cybersecurity defy tight …

IT, cybersecurity defy tight budgets

Bangkok Post | 2020-07-31 23:31

Despite tight budgets due to the pandemic, investment in IT and cybersecurity systems continues to grow in Thailand, driven by accelerated digital transformations and changes in cyber-attack patterns, says Palo Alto Networks, a global cybersecurity service provider. "Thailand's IT and cybersecurity spending is expected to carry on, even though businesses face limited budgets as they pivot towards digital transformation," said Tatchapol Poshyanonoda, Palo Alto's country director for Thailand and Indochina. Firms' priorities are technology to support employees working in flexible locations, the application of cloud services for scalability and the reduction of upfront investment, as well as cost savings, Mr Tatchapol said. Businesses could save costs by optimising existing systems and equipment in order to reduce maintenance costs. Mr Tatchapol said the need for cloud security is unde…

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