Ensuring privacy of customer's data | Business | Daily Tribune

Ensuring privacy of customer'…

Ensuring privacy of customer's data | Business | Daily Tribune

Daily Tribune | 2020-10-14 16:36

Earlier this week, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) made headlines when it announced its plan to run a compliance check on several retailers. Their names have been the subject of mounting complaints over alleged lack of data privacy protocols in contact tracing. Top concerns were the improper use of logbooks and lack of appropriate data protection measures, exposing to the public filled-out contact tracing forms, which contain customers' personal data. Other concerns included the absence of a privacy notice, baseless retention period -- some were retaining for two years -- and using personal information, supposedly meant only for contact tracing purposes, for marketing activities. The complaints in the public sphere, both online and offline, left us asking why certain business establishments are still perceived as inadequate in providing the level of protection their customers e…

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