Future tech fears

Future tech fears

Future tech fears

Bangkok Post | 2021-07-20 01:17

Deepfakes are also being used in major attempts at blackmail and fraud. Generations Z and X in Southeast Asia are less afraid about future technologies such as biometrics, smart appliances, robotic devices and deepfakes, while Millennials and Boomers have their guard up, according to the multinational security firm Kaspersky. The conclusions stem from a survey conducted in November 2020 of 831 social media users in Southeast Asia about their level of fear against the current technological trends. Among its findings, more than half (62%) are afraid of deepfakes. The anxiety is highest among Baby Boomers (74%) and lowest among Gen X (58%), according to the Kaspersky report, "Making Sense of Our Place in the Digital Reputation Economy". A deepfake is the use of artificial intelligence to create images, audio or voice recordings in someone else's likeness. Respondents' reservations abou…

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