Germany to warn of future floods with phone alerts, Europe News & Top

Germany to warn of future flo…

Germany to warn of future floods with phone alerts, Europe News & Top

The Straits Times | 2021-07-26 15:00

BERLIN (AFP) - Germany will issue mobile phone alerts in the future to inform citizens of impending dangers, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said on Monday (July 26) after deadly floods prompted a rethink of the country's warning systems. "Not everyone has always been enthusiastic about the idea in recent months. But I've decided that we're going to do it... There is no reasonable argument against it," Mr Seehofer said in parliament. At least 180 people died when severe floods pummelled western Germany over two days in mid-July, raising questions about whether enough was done to warn residents ahead of time. Some 70 people are still missing after torrents of water ripped through entire towns and villages, destroying bridges, roads, railways and swathes of housing. Government spokesman Martina Fietz last week said the country's weather warning system and mobile phone app Nina had "w…

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