How comprehensive is personal data protection bill?

How comprehensive is personal…

How comprehensive is personal data protection bill?

The Jakarta Post | 2020-11-17 18:09

The House of Representatives has suspended deliberation of the bill on personal data protection (PDP), which the government claims will serve as Indonesia's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Abdul Kharis Almasyhari, chairman of House Commission I overseeing defense and information said it would be impossible for the lawmakers to conclude the debate before the final sitting session of the year ends on Dec. 15. Notwithstanding the suspension, Tifa Foundation has studied the comprehensiveness of the bill to see whether the bill stipulates: 1) a set of data protection principles in line with the relevant international standards, and 2) mechanisms to enforce those principles in the law. Our study compared the bill with the two leading international PDP instruments of Europe, the Convention 108+ of the Council of Europe and the GDPR. For the purpose of this article, we focus ...

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