Singtel's data breach: What happened, and how can you protect yourself?

Singtel's data breach: What h…

Singtel's data breach: What happened, and how can you protect yourself?

AsiaOne | 2021-02-19 09:39

A Singtel booth is pictured at the Money 20/20 Asia Fintech Trade Show in Singapore, on March 21, 2019 Singtel's announcement of their data breach which affected approximately 129,000 customers should be a cause for concern, as identifiable data containing NRIC and a combination of phone number, address, name, and date of birth was part of that leak. Singtel was alerted by Accellion, a third-party vendor for a file-sharing system, that unidentified hackers have gained access to that file-sharing server which is used to disseminate information within Singtel's internal systems and external stakeholders. The hackers used unknown zero-day vulnerability exploit, which Accellion wasn't made aware till much later to follow-up with the necessary fixes. However, it wasn't effective, which allowed the hackers to breach the system and gain access to the information on Singtel's servers. …

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