Japan warns Line over insufficient data protection

Japan warns Line over insuffi…

Japan warns Line over insufficient data protection

Bangkok Post | 2021-04-26 13:23

The Japanese government on Monday ordered messaging app provider Line Corp to take measures to properly protect customers' information after such data were found accessible by a Chinese affiliate without user consent. The administrative guidance, which also requires a report from Line by late May, was issued as the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry judged the app operator failed to provide a sufficient surveillance system to protect the "secrets of communications" as required by law. Line said in a statement it takes the government's order seriously and vowed to "regain users' trust by implementing the appropriate reforms." The move came after Line, used by over 86 million of Japan's some 126 million people, said last month that users' personal information had been accessible by technicians of its Chinese affiliate. Photos and video footage posted by its users on the onli…

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