LETTER | Apps galore: From SELangkah to MySejahtera, what next?

LETTER | Apps galore: From SE…

LETTER | Apps galore: From SELangkah to MySejahtera, what next?

Malaysiakini | 2020-06-25 03:56

LETTER | In early May when the conditional movement control order (MCO) was introduced, Selangor launched SELangkah, an application based on location QR scanning to aid the state health department in contact tracing should new Covid-19 infections be detected. Selangor has the highest number of infections in the country. In June, the federal goverment introduced the MySejahtera QR code similar to the SELangkah in Selangor. Prior to that, we had Putrajaya introduce the MyTrace contact tracing application which adopted Bluetooth technology. The reality on the ground is that some companies use their own application. We also see many more offer handwritten options if no smartphone is available. I recall during the early days of the MCO, there was another application called Gerak Malaysia, apparently to monitor interstate travel. There seems to be a lot of applications collecting lots of…

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