Digital Health Readiness: Where Is Indonesia At?

Digital Health Readiness: Whe…

Digital Health Readiness: Where Is Indonesia At?

The Jakarta Globe | 2021-04-16 03:44

Jakarta. Indonesia has made some progress when it comes to developing a digital health ecosystem, but there are certain knots to untangle before it can fully take off. The government has shown its support for digital health adoption, issuing guidelines that made remote medical services possible and laying down broadband infrastructures that reach all of its major islands. Meanwhile, local developers and medical service providers come in drove to introduce their new technology in the market. "Following the coronavirus outbreak, the Health Ministry issued a circular last year, which allows doctors and dentists to perform certain treatments via telemedicine," Dewi Muliaty, president director to medical laboratories operator Prodia Widyahusada, told the Jakarta Globe in a recent interview. She noted how the government has also rolled out data security regulations, which are paramount in …

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