How to keep Internet camera hackers away from your home, Tech News

How to keep Internet camera h…

How to keep Internet camera hackers away from your home, Tech News

The Straits Times | 2021-02-22 12:31

SINGAPORE - Internet home security cameras came into the spotlight again in December last year when dozens of United States customers took up a class action lawsuit against popular smart camera-maker Ring after they were harassed by people who hacked into their devices. Some hackers allegedly issued death warnings, threatened sexual assault and spewed racial slurs through the victims' smart cameras from Ring, which is owned by tech giant Amazon. The customers accused Ring of not giving adequate responses to them and failing to sufficiently update the security measures for its smart camera service. Internet camera hacking has happened here too. Last October, it was reported that home security cameras were hacked, with footage stolen and circulated online. Faces were clearly visible in many of these videos, which included private or compromising ones of couples, breastfeeding mothers …

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