Independent data protection authority matters

Independent data protection a…

Independent data protection authority matters

The Jakarta Post | 2021-06-08 02:46

The House of Representatives included the personal data protection (PDP) bill in the 2021 national legislation program (Prolegnas) and aims to complete it by June 2021. The draft law is a major step forward from an industry and foreign investor point of view. The bill is expected to provide legal certainty for the industry to process and transfer data. It will be the first Indonesian law to provide a comprehensive set of provisions for the protection of personal data, not only electronically, but also non-electronically; and it will set out the rights and obligations of the stakeholders involved. Comprehensive and consistent data protection regulation is a key tool for both governments and companies in today's world, as part of the protection against cyber-risk, and to answer the growing concerns of citizens. Furthermore, legal certainty is a key driver to fostering private investment…

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