Big cyber-security threat: Em…

Big cyber-security threat: Employees | Henry J. Schumacher

BusinessMirror | 2020-06-29 17:06

For obvious reasons I am following the issue of Wirecard and the "disappearance" of about $ 2.1 billion allegedly in the Philippines, after employees of two leading banks created fake documents, with great interest. Two questions are coming up immediately: 1. Why did the German company select the Philippines as fake recipient of the money, and 2. Who orchestrated the involvement of the two employees in the two selected Philippine banks? But those two issues are not what I am writing about. My concern is the security threat created by employees. Plenty of companies aren't taking basic steps to improve their readiness in data protection, leaving them exposed to breaches that can threaten their existence. Those looking to steal organization's data may be proxies for hostile foreign governments, career cybercriminals, or enraged activists. But they are just as likely to be members of an …

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