Huawei rolls out cloud and AI to support adoption

Huawei rolls out cloud and AI…

Huawei rolls out cloud and AI to support adoption

Bangkok Post | 2020-10-09 00:06

Chinese tech titan Huawei Technologies is setting its sights on cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to cater to rising demand as customers adopt digital transformation. "Huawei believes all business and industries will adapt to using cloud services within five years," said Abel Deng, chief executive of Huawei Technologies Thailand. According to IT research firm IDC, Thailand's cloud service market is expected to grow 400% over the next 3-5 years as cloud technology has become a basic infrastructure for digital transformation. Cloud and AI will be a part of the basic digital infrastructure in the connected world, he said. Thailand can take a leading role in Asean as a digital hub if it becomes the first 5G adopter in the region, which could potentially promote cloud and big data usage and Internet of Things (IoT) adoption, said Mr Deng. Thailand is a key market for Huawei, where …

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