Online fraud attempts in telco drops by 98.7% - TransUnion | BMPlus

Online fraud attempts in telc…

Online fraud attempts in telco drops by 98.7% - TransUnion | BMPlus

BusinessMirror | 2021-09-14 11:07

Efforts from various sectors to educate the public on protecting themselves online seem to be paying off with the recent drop in online fraud. Information and insights firm TransUnion reported a 59.4% drop in suspected digital fraud attempts originating from the Philippines in the second quarter of the year. The biggest impact was in telecommunications, with a 98.7% reduction. Although the country bucked the global trend which rose by 16.5% across industries, fraud attempts involving travel and leisure still surged by 198.5%, followed by communities which jumped by 163.8%, and gaming which went up by 51.4%. Since data protection and safety is a difficult challenge in the digital age, Globe intensified its #MakeITSafePH program to protect the public and businesses from becoming victims of cybercrimes due to increased digitalization. #MakeITSafePH promotes online vigilance among consume…

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