Meet Jaime Manteiga, America's top information security researcher & expert

Meet Jaime Manteiga, America'…

Meet Jaime Manteiga, America's top information security researcher & expert

International Business Times SG | 2021-01-12 12:48

As the society transitions to the digital world, there are more and more digital accounts facing cyber-attacks and phishing attempts. Hackers have done their best to violate corporate and organisational structures, whether small or big, and have sought to manipulate people and systems. Knowing the importance of privacy and security of an individual's data, Manteiga sets out a few techniques that small organisations may use to prevent cyber attack. Manteiga, born on 29 September 1989, is a Cuban-American technology entrepreneur and information security researcher. He is the founder/CEO of Venkon Corp, a computer and network security company based in Miami, Florida. He assists businesses around the world by overcoming their cybersecurity issues. He has an interest and passion to match security infrastructure with safety standards and organisational priorities, strategies, controls, protoc…

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