Government should ensure cybe…

Government should ensure cybersecurity system immediately updated: DPR - ANTARA News

Antaranews English | 2020-06-26 09:24

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Member of the House of Representatives' (DPR's) Commission I, Sukamta, called on the government to ascertain that the cybersecurity system related to personal data in government agencies is updated immediately and hard to hack. "The state must then edify on the importance of this personal data to each of its citizens, including government officials," Sukamta noted in a statement here on Friday. Sukamta explained that it was related to the alleged leak of data of residents that had undergone COVID-19 tests. This case allegedly started from the COVID-19 test data of patients that is publicly accessible via the internet and traded. Sukamta asserted that the incident had crossed the tolerance threshold since it had recurred several times, and it was deemed necessary to probe the steps of the state manager on the mandate of personal data of COVID-19 patients as well as …

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