Spotlight On Zaid Bin Mohamed Yassin, Snr Grp Data Governance Mgr- NTUC

Spotlight On Zaid Bin Mohamed Yassin, Snr Grp Data Governance Mgr- NTUC

10 Nov, 2020

In this edition, we feature Zaid Bin Mohamed Yassin, Snr Group Data Governance Manager- NTUC, DTM, FIP Data Gov and Privacy | PMO | Scrum Master | Security & Cloud | Author - FIP, CIPP/E, CIPP/A, CIPT, CIPM, CDPSE, Adv Cert (DPOE), PDPC PDP Pract Cert, PMP, CSM, PSM, CSPO, SAFe®️5, ITIL, CISA, AWS SAA, SysOps, Dev | Security and Cloud Enthusiast - CISA, AWS Solution Architect, SysOps, Dev | Author

Please share with us your background 

I report directly to NTUC Link CEO and Group Chief Analytics Officer (previous) for NTUC Enterprise. I Managed CAO PMO, built processes, change management, governance and guidance to implement and provide oversight for CAO program/projects. The scope requires me to work with a team of Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Business Intelligence Engineers to drive AWS Cloud programme implementation efforts.

How is it that you got interested in data privacy/protection? When did you first get involved and exposed to the importance of data privacy?

My team was charged with providing group analytics function for the organisation and its sister companies. Spearheaded by the then CEO, this involved curating, analysing and churning out actionable insights for commercial leverage as well as identifying under-served areas to better to society as a whole. In the process, we became sensitised to the proper respect and treatment of data, both identifying as well as identifiable data as we utilised advanced level algorithms and machine learning in our work.

What data privacy courses did you take from Straits Interactive/DPEX Network and why?

I had the opportunity to take CIPM (wth Kevin) and CIPP/A (with Celine). I was impressed by the depth and level of detail of the delivery in the class as well as the diligence that went into the course notes. These went beyond simply passing exams to ingraining the culture and building the data privacy mindset. Additionally I took the courses DPEX delivered in partnership with SMU, the Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Operational Excellence and will continue on with the Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Principles.

What is your current job role? How does your job involve privacy/data protection functions?

Currently the organisation is in the midst of a restructure and restrategy and am currently with the Core Data Services team. I partake in working groups where I am involved with governance with respect to data and IT.

Future wise, my trajectory is charted in terms of deepening my knowledge and expertise in data privacy at both as well as operational level. I have thus far acquired CIPM, CIPP/A, CIPT and FIP. I feel this complements my expertise in project management (PMP, ITIL, PSM), interest in Security (CISA) and Cloud.

What practical advice would you offer to those wanting to implement a data protection management programme in their organisation?

A practical advice would be to assess the existing governance and operations. Implementations of data privacy must adhere to the laws as well as provide business utility of the data for legitimate purposes.

What advice do you have for others?

Insight-wise, data privacy provides interesting possibilities as even representatives from big name consultancies do not as yet in my opinion have a full grasp of the reality.

By Kevin Shepherdson in an email interview with Zaid Bin Mohamed Yassin

The opinions expressed here are the interviewee’s personal views and do not represent the official position of organisation the interviewee works for.

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