Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asia (CIPP/A)

Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asia (CIPP/A)

Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asia (CIPP/A)

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17 Aug   -  18 Aug   -  19 Aug


3 days


SGD 3745.00


6974 8949 | 6920 5462



  Ideal For
  • Asia-based Data Protection Officers
  • Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs) and other senior information management professionals who serve an Asia-based corporate organisation or a global multinational with business or policy interests in Asia
  • Legal compliance officers and risk managers
  • Staff members who serve or support a data protection or compliance team and who need to achieve a consistent level of data protection education
  • Intermediate-level data protection or privacy professionals and entry-level candidates who are transitioning from non-data protection roles inside Asian corporate organisations or who are entirely new to the profession
  • Information management professionals in Asian financial services, healthcare, technology or telecommunications industries who seek to broaden their expertise into a general information privacy scope
  • Information security professionals (e.g. CISO, CISSP)
  • Information auditing and IT governance professionals (e.g. CISA, CISM)
  • Local government and consulting executives involved in data protection and privacy


Very good workshop. Examples & Trainers make it fun & easy to
follow. Beneficial and practical to my work environment. All
aspects were well run & delivered.

Anne Poh
Account Delivery Manager

Practical but at same time analysis of a large range of law & information from
numerous sources sensibly broken down over the 3 days of course.
Particularly geared towards exam requirements. Group project exercise & common themes
among principle frameworks provided excellent resource/revision tool.

Helen Walker

I liked your way of delivery. Your cheerful presence and energetic delivery of content made
the boring stuff look/seem interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed participation in the workshop.
Straits training team,thanks for making me feel at home.

Jyothi V.K
Asst VP & Head Legal

The contents of the course are detailed enough to pass the requisite exam.
The trainers are very experienced and are happy to share their expertise.Worth every cent!

Kenneth Ong
Chief Privacy Officer - ASEAN

Content aligned to Body ok Knowledge (BoK), helps to make it relevant.
Malaysia and Philippines content is useful.

Divya Khosca

Comprehensive and very helpful for the CIPP/A exam.
Extremely relevant for people seeking to enter the privacy world.

Lee Kenji

Very comprehensive and structured.

Kimmie Zhou

Well organised and easy to comprehend.

Jason Kang

A very interesting 3 day conference, providing real-time knowledge and information about data privacy
in 3 jurisdictions - a "must attend" for those keen to advance their knowledge in this area.

Diana Lee
SVP Legal

The course is very important - whether for corporate/transactions/commercial lawyers
or privacy professionals.


The content is quite easy to digest even for non-legal train which is very helpful. Thanks!

Course Participant - June 2018

Thank you for an instructive session that was applied, and summarising this
part of law with cross-jurisdictional analysis.

Course Participant - June 2018

The content appears strategic and extremely helpful (esp. table summaries) for exam purposes.
The experience of the instructors have certainly helped in striking a good balance on relevance
for examination by practical implications.

Yee Weng

A very helpful and professional course which trainers shared lots of their experiences
and their knowledge about privacy in APAC.

Ka Ki

Great content for both exam and substantive knowledge purposes.
All 3 instructors are very knowledgeable and very passionate about this important
but not yet fully developed topic.


It was an enjoyable course and the contents of the course definitely makes it easier
to prepare for the CIPP/A Exams!

Course Participant - September 2019

Excellent and very knowledgeable multi-disciplinary team of trainers!

Course Participant - November 2019

Trainers knew the material well and were able to address queries and explain more
complicated concepts in a readily digestible manner.

Course Participant - November 2019

Great class and so much work put into the materials!

Rishi Chandiok
Senior Legal Counsel

Very well structured workshop. The trainers are fun!

Daniel Choo
Senior Legal Counsel (APAC)

Well organised course with lots of materials given out.
Instructors are knowledgeable about subject matter.

Course Participant - November 2019

The 3-day course is very well structured. It presents an overview of the data protection law
in the AP region in a practical and concise way. Speakers are all clear and experienced and
they are able to share their experience and views on interesting cases. The online participation
is good and almost seamless, except for the small technical glitch on the audio on
the first day afternoon. Many thanks to you all.

Machiuanna Chu

The course materials are comprehensive and very well structured.
A lot of thought has gone into the slides and notes (esp. the summaries).
The classroom activities are helpful to help in consolidation of what was learned.

Course Participant - March 2020

All 3 instructors are very knowledgeable in their areas.
The pacing of the class was just nice, with sufficient time for participants to ask questions.

Course Participant - March 2020

The CIPP/A course was very well-delivered by Straits Interactive. All trainers presented the material
in an interesting manner so as to engage class participants and encourage interaction.
A lot of effort was also put into designing the course materials as well as getting
the participants prepared for the exam.


Very informative. Materials were thoroughly researched.

Des Ong
Compliance Officer for Privacy

Good session. Interesting and interactive. Instructors are engaging and knowledgeable.
Better understanding of the data protection requirements for Singapore, India and Hong Kong.

Kay Lim
Compliance Officer

A good experience with online learning; it works.

Leong Kiah PUA
Chief Information Security Officer Asia

It is great! I was skeptical about doing the course online at first but Celine, Lyn and William
have made the entire course very engaging and interesting. I particularly appreciate that
a lot of the conversation/points were not just for the purpose of taking the exam
but also the current situation and development on privacy laws as well as practical
tips useful for our work. A lot! But I particularly enjoyed Day 1 morning session on
the evolution of privacy laws - it gave an extremely good overview.

Eunice Mah
Legal Counsel

Exceptionally good. The online interaction has been the best I have seen for an online course.
I was so pleasantly surprised by the level of interaction. It was so engaging! Directly relevant to
the certification I am to take. You could see the customisation of content through each step.
Instructors were very practical. Very clear. It takes consummate skill to be that good.
Even complex material can be explained well when you have expert trainers.

Padraig Walsh
Partner, Tanner De Witt

The trainers were extremely experienced and the pace of the course is just right. I've learned a lot from
this course and am looking forward to using the knowledge in my course of work. I've learned many things!
It's hard to pinpoint on one but it's good to know countries are stepping up their privacy game and
setting GDPR as the golden standard.

Lynn Chng
Business Services & Compliance Manager

Great experience, I was hesitant at first but definitely turned out to be as well as an in-person training.
Interactive, engaging and knowledgeable trainers. It was great covering exam strategy, techniques and
going through questions.

Adelene Seah
Counsel (SEA & Korea)

The course was very helpful in helping me have a broad understanding of the privacy laws and
practices in the respective countries that were discussed.

Course Participant - September 2020

Very informative and interactive class. One thing I learnt from the class is the rights of data subjects
in Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

Ella Mae Senorin
BCP and Compliance Officer

Very good workshop, good content and instructors.

Course Participant - September 2020

The training was enriching and enjoyable. Excellent content and exam tips shared.
Trainers are knowledgeable, engaging and helpful. The admin support provided was very good too,
especially with the Zoom setup. This is the best course I've attended in awhile.

Legal Counsel

Excellent. Straits Interactive has a good set up and the trainers really know their stuff. One thing that
I have learnt is that there are commonalities between different data privacy laws in Asia.
I expected that they would all be very different from one another .

Course Participant - November 2020

The CIPP/A training has been really good by all 3 trainers Lyn, Celine and William. I loved how the trainers
all shared the practical and pragmatic of what is for exam taking purposes and what is really operational.

Aileen Koh
Gallo G.P.

The instructors are clearly knowledgeable and experienced,
both in their presentation and in answering questions.

Course Participant - November 2020

Overall,a great online experience and wonderful learning.
Different trainers and different approaches, loved it.

Vinit Arora
Regional Compliance Office

The online experience has been tremendous...it's a great learning and interactive forum.
Great trainers with lots of knowledge to share!

Course Participant - February 2021

It was a good interaction and I really enjoyed the 3 days training with
all the trainers and all the participants.

Christopher Chew
Cisco Systems (USA) Pte Ltd, Head of Cybersecurity Sales and Architecture - ASEAN Service Providers

Very informative and clear explanations given by instructors. Enjoyed the sharing of
real life examples of cases which allows us to better understand application of the principles.

Course Participant - March 2021

All three trainers are very experienced in explaining the course material and also provided
many real cases for us. It made it easier for me to understand.

Ashley Gu

That was a great online training experience. Extremely insightful and the Trainers
(Celine, William and Lyn)managed to be as friendly as professional which is pretty rare.
Really nice preparation. Keep up the good work!

Geoff IRA
CRO Autumn Life

Pretty good, all clear and good interactions. I got the overall context and depth of knowledge.
I now need to put it all together and get into the details.It was a good online experience.

Gustavo Moreno

Celine, Lyn and William were awesome and really knew about what they were talking about.
I'm feeling confident about taking the exam.


Very detailed, focused training. Celine, Lyn, & William were excellent trainers.
The workshop content was very relevant.

Dilip Kumar Bapji Vasudeva Rao